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Honey Syrup

Natural Antiseptic Properties

There are endless things you can do with honey. You can mix it with your food to enhance the flavor or you can simply eat it raw. Honey has natural antiseptic properties that fight bacterias and germs. If you have a wound infection, you can use honey to cure it. And if you have zits on your face and would like to use natural cure, use honey by mixing it with crushed garlic. It may sting but it will dry out that annoying zit without leaving marks.

Flavonoids and Anti-Oxidants

Drinking honey everyday can help in taking care of your heart and immune system. Anti-oxidants are responsible for flushing harmful toxic inside the body. Anti-oxidants help in preserving youth, yes it true! It can help you stay young. It delays the process of aging by supplying our body with the good stuff. Flavonoids are good for the heart. It prevents future diseases that may arise as you grow older.

Helps Maintain Blood Sugar

Honey maybe sweet but the irony is it helps in maintaining blood sugar. If you are diabetic and want to use honey as an alternative for sugar, make sure to check with your doctor first. Also buy honey that has low hypoglycemic index to effectively maintain your sugar levels

Helps You Lose Weight

According to dietitians, patients who used honey as sugar substitute lose 5% of their body weight. They were surprised by the results that they saw in their patients. It worked above and beyond what they expected. Honey helps satisfy our sweet tooth and sweet cravings. Take 3 tables spoon of honey whenever you feel like eating something sweet then drink 2 glass of water after. You will feel full and find yourself already satisfied with what you ate. Honey helps signals to the brain that you already have enough sweets for the day. That’s what happened to the patients who undergone the honey treatment.

Many More!

There are endless ways to use honey. But what we really like about it is the healthy effects it offers to the body . If you are having gastrointestinal issues, you can drink honey to get rid of the symptoms. Honey is also perfect for drinks. Instead of buying sodas which are full of sugar and preservatives, why don’t you squeeze some citrus and mix it honey? They are perfect together, it blends with any citrus fruit, and they are delicious together.