Sweet! So How You Make Honey?

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You cannot blame Winnie The Pooh for loving honey. The gooey and sticky sweetness makes it very a special treat! So how it is made? Before, to extract honey is to kill the bees. What a cruel way of saying thank you. Good thing that a bee hero came along in 1851, invented a process of extracting honey without killing them. Now, his methods are still being recognized by all beekeepers. Thanks man!

Buzzy Workers

It starts in the field where busy bee workers suck nectars from plants and store it in their honey sack then return to the hive where they suck them out and chew them and break them down to two sugar types: Fructose and Glucose.

The Hive

After a long day in the field, bees now deposit the nectars into the honey wax. They dry the nectar by fanning them using their wings. The warm air that comes from their wings evaporates the nectar. The finish product is the hard and thick honey wax filled with honey drippings.

The Beekeeper

They take the honey comb without being stung by spraying bees smoke from the burning alpine needles. The smell calms down the bees and gives them a signal that a foreigner is about to get their honeycomb.

The Extraction

First, shaving off the honey wax caps from the honeycomb is done prior extracting the honey. Then another manual scraping is needed to remove the remnants of the wax. Once the honey comb is clean from honey wax, they put the honey comb into a spinning machine until the all the honey drippings are extracted.


The extracted drippings of honey are filtered to remove solid waxes from the honeycomb. Once the honey is smooth and wax free, they now prepare it for bottling.

Other Products:

Honey isn’t the only product you can get from the bees. Honey wax is another important product produced by the bees. Most of the companies want to keep the honey from the honeycomb. To initiate this process, they use heated knife to melt down the bees wax directly to the untouched honey comb and let it dry. They use it for other products such us lipsticks, balms, cream and many more!

There you have it! You now have idea how your honey is made. Don’t forget the tedious process involved in every drops of honey. From the hard working bees to bottling, whew! there is a lot of work involved.