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Group of flying bees

What are Varroa Mites?

Varroa Mites are parasites that attacks bees and their brood. These external parasites has easily spread across the globe. Their origins are unknown but according to studies they are a result of biological disorders among the insect world. Biological disorders can caused by abnormalities in the environment. Harmful organisms evolves everyday and they become resilient as the time goes by, they learn to adapt and become stronger. Normally, hosts like bees should be able to fight these parasites through the help of their immune system, however the resilience of these kinds of organisms have become stronger.

What They Do?

They feed on the blood of adult bees until their host die from blood loss. Adult female bees who are infected by these monsters, give birth to broods who get infected to. Infections can cause birth defects and early death. Early signs of birth defects can be seen as it is very obvious. You’ll find baby bees who are weak, and as you examine you’ll find out that they are missing a leg, a wing, and other abnormalities caused by the infection. Life span of bees is brief and through the help of Varroa Mites, their death comes sooner than expected.

What To Do?

Once you found out that the colony is infected by Varroa Mites, treat them as soon as possible. It will prevent it from spreading further to healthy bees. Use Apistan strips to kill these parasites. Make sure to follow directions and don’t use it during honey flow. To find out new way to get rid of these parasites go to