Why Bees Are Important?

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Bees Are Great Pollinators

Bees are great pollinators to the environment. Nature has magical way of maintaining life, bees are the soldiers in making sure that pollinations happen everyday. They are important species in our ecology. Every organisms regardless how big or small, has their own function in the food system. No one is useless, our job is to let it happen naturally. Human intervention is necessary when there is a threat in the ecosystem, but they can thrive even we don’t offer help, our great contribution is not to disturb them.

What is Pollination?

Pollination is the transferring of pollen grains to different plants. Without pollination, species of plants will die and the world will not be as beautiful as it can be. There are plants that rely on animals for pollination, changes in the number of pollinators can extremely decrease their production. Killing animals and insects that promote pollinations among plants is a great threat to humans. We have food staples that will no longer exist if this threat continues.

How Bees Help Us?

Aside from being great pollinators, bees provide us honey. We all know that. Honey has been part of our lives since we’re little babies. Our mothers used to feed us with honey to help us recover from colds and ease our indigestions. This world will be less a beautiful place without honey. It is a gift from God that humans should treasure and not take for granted. Bees are also food for other animals, when these animals can’t find food anymore, it will back fire to us. So let’s help save the bees and become responsible people in keeping our world productive.